Trying to contact coffee farmers in Thailand, Laos and Myanmar directly. In order to be sure that coffee farmers will definitely receive support And also to build good relationships with coffee farmers who create excellent products


In addition to the communities and coffee farmers that we support We also attach importance to environmental conservation of the world. That's why Caffe De Aromi started planting trees one by one for the 1 kilogram of coffee that we sell. Supporting Caffe De Aromi is equal to the way you support farmers and our world.


Air Roasting machine can provide the best quality for cupping after finish roasting coffee, because the machine has captured only little smoke during roasting process, which resulted in genuine taste.

​Micro roasting.
Mighty revenue.

Meet the Roast Master Roaster
Push Button Operation

Once a profile is created, coffee can be roasted with precision and consistency by entry-level staff – with the push of a button.

High Volume

Back-to-back 3-pound roasts in under 8 minutes per roast. Capacity of 50+ pounds/day, 1500+ pounds/month.

Consistent & Reliable

Our advanced controller allows for precise duplication of roast profiles while roasting thousands of pounds of coffee per month. Industrial, food-grade components and reliable electronics designed by a team with deep in experience in high-tech manufacturing equipment.

Tiny Footprint

At only 15″ wide, the FAB 1.2 is only about the width of a commercial toaster oven.

Advanced Profiling Capability

With our advanced controller system you can create unique roast profiles for each coffee. Profiling is programmed across a 15 point curve with four variables – air temperature, bean temperature, blower speed and time.

The Theater of Roasting

Watch the transformation of green coffee from gold to green to brown, wowing customers and lifting the veil on the roasting process.


A tabletop or floor stand option allow the roaster to fit easily into your existing backbar. The stand contains extra storage space and a coffee storage system using custom-fitted containers.

Sleek Design

Stainless steel, matte finish and integrated stand. Fully cusomizable color options and front logo.


Popular coffee sources from around the world